We offer the design and building services for renewable energy power plants, electrical system, wiring and installation for the industrial, oil&Gas and chemical sectors. The company operate under strict quality control, thanks to the certifications obtained by the best european certification bodies.

Photovoltaic power plant

Photovoltaic plants From 3 kWp to multi-megawatt

We design and build photovoltaic power plants for home and industrial use. We also take care of all the bureaucratic procedures to get access to tax incentives.

Wind generator

Wind energy From small (60kWp) to big generators

We offer the new 60 kWp wind generators and inverter, suitable for the grid connection and the relative energy selling standards.

Electrical systems

Electrical systems OIL&GAS industrial and chemical sectors

We take care of wiring and installation of electrical systems for the industrial, oil&Gas and chemical sectors.

Energy saving

Energy saving For the home and the industrial needs

We sell energy savings systems for home and industrial use, also we design and buid systems for the energy consumption optimization and the relative cost cuttings.

Featured products

SCADA for wind generators

WindSCADA is the new SCADA system for small and medium wind turbine generators (up to 500 kWp), able to show all the info that the customer need with a very easy web interface, also available on smartphones and tablets. The system uses certified energy analyzers to obtain the maximum precision, while the megapixel-class IP cameras allows to check the security and the generator status for the plant, on the same web interface. The system creates easy to read graphs containing all the performance and the energy production info and thanks to a distributed sensors network, can predict any problem and alert the maintenance team before it become a serious risk for the generator.

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